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In today’s digital world, everything is at the finger tip of a customer with a smart phone in his/ her hand. Mobile Technology is growing faster and cheaper day by day and it enables the mobile phone manufacturers to launch affordable smart phones in every next month. As per the present growth rate of mobile users, it is expected that it will increase by several hundred millions in the next coming years. You need to utilize this opportunity to make your business grow online in a rapid pace and stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile phone application is the new business platform of any enterprise to sell a product or service to its users. Hence you need to move beyond the desktop world to reach your customer through your mobile app. But the difficulty lies in choosing a good mobile app developer.

But at PrismXp…. Your difficulty ends. We assure you to provide you the best mobile application for your company that can meet your business needs

PrismXP is a leading software company of India that specialized in software development, Web application and Mobile application development. We have successfully developed a large number of customer oriented mobile applications on different platforms.. We have a team of highly experienced mobile app developers who can understand your needs and conceptualize your ideas to make a world-class mobile application ready for you.

PrismXP… uses latest tools and tehnologies in mobile application development. We follow a unique set of steps to develop a mobile app that runs in different platforms ( Android, iOS, Windows, cross-platform ).

Steps We Follow for Mobile App Development
  • Requirement Analysis and Feasibility Study
    First step in mobile app development is to identify the requirement and its feasibility within the time frame and budget . It includes like – Deciding the features of the app, Identifying the target users and Mobile platforms to support. We at PrismXP… sort out these basic important things in details through online/ offline meetings or telephonic conversations that suits our customer

  • Signing Agreement and Planning
    After the basic requirements are identified our team will make a detail plan for execution and a budget estimate for the project will be submitted to you. If you are ready to go ahead with our plan and budget, a NDA ( Non-Disclosure Agreement ) will be signed by you and PrismXP…to make it official.

  • UI / UX Design
    A good UI design makes a good impact in the mind of an user and it can play a major role in the success of an mobile application. As per your color, font, graphics preferences, our designers will design the app icon, home screen, log in/ sign up from and function buttons. Samples will be sent to you for your feedback and approval.

  • App Development
    After getting approval of the UI / UX design , our mobile app developers get into adding functionality to the design. The progress of development is discussed with you and suggestions from your end will be incorporated to meet your business need.

  • Integration & Testing
    To eliminate any bugs before the app is launched, many round of testing are done during integration of different modules. Each of the functionalities are checked and errors are fixed to make sure the mobile app works flawlessly at users hand.

  • Launching the App
    When testing of the app is done successfully by our developers, the final app will be handed over to the customer for launching. In case the customer have no idea about the process of uploading the app to Play store/ iOS store our experts will assist them without any extra chages.

  • Service after Live
    When testing of the app is done successfully by our developers, the final app will be handed over to the customer for launching. In case the customer have no idea about the process of uploading the app to Play store/ iOS store our experts will assist them without any extra chages.

Why do you need a Mobile Application for your Company?

Multi-channels are one of the main aspects of the new digital world. A relevant market challenge is maintaining a successful presence in certain networks that include communication with prospective customers. We term mobile applications as one of the highly effective business-related resources for engaging the target customer.

Like customer psychology, corporations have to change their approach to where their clients are as they progress to transform the strategy. As a trend, businesses work fast to make smartphone applications accessible as resources and assets for industry. Mobile existence is a must in order to be influential in the current industry. The number and diversity of business applications that are installed are growing tremendously, and more users use smartphone applications to communicate with companies' apps. Business owners decide to put money in apps to deliver a great user service, to improve sales, or to make the industry more productive.

Would you ever imagine making a smartphone application?
The advantages of funding in a smartphone app at Prismxp
  • Connect anytime for full accessibility
  • Real-time customer interaction
  • Direct, convenient, and functionality
  • Extremely easy mobile payments
  • Customer support 24*7
  • Value premium applications that suit your needs
  • We have built a rich smartphone user interface over the years
  • Significant time and money savings with no compromising on efficiency
  • Technical skills and technology for almost all android app development companies and IOS applications
  • Mobility Applications that highlight company transition and industry pace
  • Update applications to reach full flexibility and enhancements for growing platforms
  • How do we break the barrier and unlock the potential of Mobile App Development Service?

    Prismxp, as a mobile app development company at first, we stimulate our creativity by watching the latest technological patterns, and we continue experiencing it at a few events. What we really encounter is even more than our intuition in mobile app growth patterns. Additional features and implementations not only help the customers, yet are also extremely profitable for the organization. In the development of the smartphone app, developers introduce these patterns to consumers. These factors would allow more people to spring on to increase the customer base of enterprises.

    What Future Trends and Technology are we adapting to deliver advanced Mobile Application?

    People have not driven away since the introduction of smartphones. The new technologies are benefiting everything that came subsequently above the fiction, even of the most delusion. Keeping that in mind, we are aggressively adopting the latest technology to make our clients happy and satisfied with our skill and hard work.

    • 5G Mobile Network
    • Virtual Reality
    • Augmented Reality
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain technology
    • Machine Learning
    • Geolocation
    • Wearables
    • Mobile Wallets
    • Enterprise Apps


  • OS
  • Android
  • Cross platform App Development
  • Windows Mobility

How do we gain a Better User Experience with our App Development Services?

User insights can be obtained by building the software especially for rich functionality interactions and reactivity in real-time. Our mobile product development services are equipped to offer cutting-edge and custom mobility approaches for your specific business needs. Whether you want native or cross-platform applications, a variety of secured and flexible frameworks for clients in diverse vertical industries has been created by our exceptionally skilled developers. So that you will use our developed application to make the most of this. We never neglect the value of a user's interface, which must be built to enhance the UX for users to connect with the software.

Developing Phase

App Design Strategy

We perform a workshop on application management to match core players with overall application priorities, market requirements, and technology selection. In order to select the most acceptable choices, we analyze several mobility tools and frameworks. We are planning the life cycle of the mobile app. The result is a consistent plan for execution & roadmap report. Starting with product conceptualism, our mobile app production strategies linger in the whole app life cycle. We create the framework for a prospective mobile app product, from identifying product priorities and market results to prioritizing the correct features to make an impression on customers. To design a flexible product plan and to help long-term development, we take a conceptual approach for the expectations of our customers to deliver a satisfying product.

UI/UX Design

We have a specialized UI / UX team for both customer & business-oriented. The team is working on new mobility technologies and we are designing innovations that speed up scalability. Our UX/UI development process emphasizes developing user-centric mobile solutions from thought patterns to ultimate completion that entertain customers, make life simpler, increase brand credibility and enhance customer relationships. The design involves a particular range of skills to reframe complicated business dynamics from the viewpoint of a client and create an interface that generates significance in the business perspective.

Native and Hybrid Development

We provide cutting edge mobile software design, production, and testing on various platforms at our mobile device development company. We have specialist programmers who use mobile simulation systems to incorporate different mobile applications, resulting in stable and robust mobile apps. We’re developing as a product team of well-recognized smartphone expert developers who have successfully released iOS apps for some of the leading companies around the world on IOS platforms. We deliver Android development teams experienced in handling Google Play submission during the whole development process. The mobile professional will allow you to utilize all Google products.

Testing and Maintenance

We execute smartphone app checks to the maximum. We run manual / automatic checks and monitor for consistency and performance. We also monitor the server performance and application efficiency to ensure the perfect mobile interface. The API underneath the custom app is also tested. Our mobile app management resources spanning multiple networks provide service support, functionality enhancements, and performance optimization.

Do you have an Idea?

If you have an idea and want to turn it into a mobile application for your business, we are right here to help you with your thoughts to deliver it in real life by implementing the latest technology and trends.