PrismXp makes your company realize all the SEO-oriented benefits with the help of our SEO service . With the help of our specialized SEO team, we dive deep into your requirements and formulate an effective strategy that provides you with the marketing results that you desire.

At PrismXp, we provide the best SEO services for our clients because we specialize in all the white hat Seo strategies and techniques. Our SEO team is well-organized and competent and remains side by side with new strategies, tactics, and techniques that help us in ranking the websites of our clients. The primary goal of our Seo services company is generating traffic which is going to bring leads and sales for the businesses of our clients.

We have decades of experience in the SEO industry and our rich experience in various fields helps us in generating quality-oriented results. We guarantee all our clients a fruitful journey while building their business and improving the reach of their customers with the help of our high-tech facilities, well-experienced team, and our SEO services.

What is SEO and how does it help the growth of the business?

SEO or search engine optimization is a process of achieving top rankings and traffic as per the search engine guidelines and we at PrismXp makes sure to achieve those ranking for our clients. In the world of online business and e-commerce, there is no natural charm in being a backbencher. Search engine like Google never rewards attention seekers, people seeking shortcuts, or using black hat techniques. The algorithms and regular updates of Google will remain a big secret if entrepreneurs and business owners ignore using digital marketing and SEO.

To guarantee page ranking and quality output in the world of Google, it is vital to understand the functioning of a Search Engine by an SEO expert. Search Engines are the digital libraries and a repository of billions of web pages. It extracts results for the users related to the query that the user is searching for. The searching is done through search algorithms. So by far, the most reliable search engine is Google because of its successful algorithm.


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SEO Services of PrismXp

For our clients who have trusted our organization for years, for them we offer our customized Seo Services which will suit their respective business and industry

Our well-trained and experienced team of PrismXp will provide all our clients with a list of SEO services such as:-

  • Website SEO Service

PrismXp can help the businesses of our clients in getting top rankings in all the search engines with the help of our Website Seo Services. As our team has deep knowledge of Google algorithms and the way it impacts the ranking makes us acknowledge that SEO is changing all the time and we have to ensure new strategies for getting top rankings for our clients.

So, all those clients who own a website with less than 100 pages must opt for our website SEO service. This service enables us to implement the Website SEO with WordPress, Static and Dynamic Sites. Hence, don’t wait while your competitors are grabbing or stealing your customers with the help of SEO. You should immediately get in contact with our team members for our SEO services and generate quality-oriented traffic and leads for propelling your business.

  • Local SEO Service

We provide local SEO services to all those potential clients and customers who are in proximity of our location and approach us for our services. We offer these local SEO services to all such clients for attracting them to our company.

When it comes to implementing the services of local SEO, the internet becomes the best medium for branding products and services on a local level. At PrismXp, all our team members know the importance of local SEO services and make the best use of them for generating leads and increasing profits. All the SEO professionals working in our company believe that local SEO is an untouched goldmine and our clients have a great opportunity for reaping benefits through our local SEO strategies and techniques.

  • E-Commerce SEO Service

We are offering top-quality E-commerce SEO services to our clients from various niches. E-Commerce SEO requires several kinds of automation in various segments of SEO. Every business of our clients is unique, and their requirements might not be within the domain of a conventional SEO strategy. PrismXp understands the unique requirements of our clients and prepares strategies catering to all their specific E-commerce needs.

  • Enterprise SEO Service

Our Enterprise Seo service poses a different challenge when compared to the SME’s. If you have a complex website with a large number of pages then our Enterprise SEO service will be right for your business. Through this service, we implement our SEO strategy based on the present and future pages of our client’s website. In most cases, it requires developing SEO patterns to be implemented by our developer team at PrismXp.

  • Google Recovery Services

Google search engine releases new updates every year to ensure quality-oriented results. Sometimes certain websites might lose ranking without doing anything negative or using black-hat techniques.

If the client’s website gets penalized then it will result in loss of rankings, traffic, leads, and revenue. It will get extremely difficult to regain search engine rankings, traffic, and leads without making specific changes to the website. Our team of experts can help the client in recovering webpage ranking and traffic of a website if a client approaches us for our Google recovery services.

SEO Strategy of PrismXp

The Seo strategy and approach of PrismXp are more objective and based on proper research. It is also based on the unique requirements of our clients.

You can go through the list of analyses, reports, and suggestions that our SEO based strategy are based on:-

  • Analyzing the business requirements of our clients

At PrismXp, our SEO experts originally discuss and understand all the business requirements of our clients. There will be a complete brainstorming session on all the products & services, keeping the client’s business requirements in mind. The key features of analyzing and brainstorming include business details, niche market, detailed geographical area, and target audience. It is also important to deeply analyze the business of our client to plan an overall strategy.

  • Analyzing the business and SEO tactics of the client’s competitors

Analyzing the competitor is similar to committing acts of espionage. Our experts need to put on the glasses of a detective and start analyzing the competitor and his business models including his SEO tactics by going through his website Once the competitor is identified, it is important to find the keywords that our client’s competitor is using.

A thorough and deep understanding of competitor websites is also necessary as it has been mentioned above, and analyzing the working of the website and the things they lack, will give a competitive edge over others in the overall business strategy. Apart from the Keywords and websites, it is also important to check the backlinks and study the content available on our competitor websites.

  • Detailed Keyword Research

It is similar to understanding the customers' behavior and what the general user or consumer is looking for on the Google search engine. SEO experts at PrismXp carry out detailed keyword research that is unique and user-friendly. We also use vibrant SEO tools to take out high-ranking keywords. Our experienced SEO professionals are experts in evaluating data and chalking out a plan or strategy to boost traffic for the website of the client.

  • Suggestions for designing websites

Our SEO and Web design team will study the existing website of our clients and provide detailed suggestions about what kind of changes are necessary to be made to it. In some projects, it can be also recommended to redesign the entire website for getting better results.

  • Developing content on the website

In SEO strategy, if the business analysis is a plan, then the content is the vital part. Good content expands the quality of the website and eventually improves the overall ranking. Quality content helps in building genuineness and authority in a specific subject or genre. Google Algorithms don’t encourage plagiarism, and it is indeed never a pretty sight to get a penalty for that.

Content development of a website requires research and proper structure that produces an excellent content marketing strategy. Our writers are well-resourced to develop and produce SEO-oriented content which enables the promotion of products & services of our clients.

  • On Page Optimization of the website

Top-quality content is an important factor in improving the page ranking. In fact, for search engines like Google, good content is the finest, and the content is rated after it goes through the E-A-T process also known as “Expertise. Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness”.

On-page Optimization is an all-inclusive evaluation to improve the search rankings of the website and all its web pages. Apart from optimizing the quality content, we also apply white hat SEO techniques to bring high-quality results. Moreover, we also target keywords to make changes on the website according to the guidelines of the search engine.

  • Implementation of technical SEO strategies and tools

Technical SEO implementation consists of a wide variety of optimization strategies and tools related to the optimization of websites and servers. We at PrismXp use technical SEO tools and strategies like optimization of crawling & indexing, minimizing the crawl errors, applying canonical links, structural data, building sitemaps, robots.txt as well as improving core web vitals and many other related technical factors. Technical SEO implementation consists of a wide variety of optimization strategies and tools related to the optimization of websites and servers.

  • Link Building Strategies

Quality content alone is also not enough and cannot guarantee top ranking on all the primary search engines. Your content might be outstanding, and it might also cater to the needs of the general public, but there is no certainty that your website would rank unless you start working on your link-building strategies. Most of the search engines like Google are crystal clear that apart from quality content, good links are important.

It seems that the original factor is none other than Trust and Authority. Only a trustworthy site can create a link to another trustworthy site. On the other hand, Spam sites get links to other spam sites only. Our expert SEO professionals at PrismXp are well-known for developing quality-oriented backlinks and improving the authority of the client’s website.

  • Working on monthly reports and management

Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic world in which the guidelines and updates occur quite frequently. Our SEO services in Bhubaneswar will make sure that our client’s website is optimized as per all the latest search guidelines and updates of the search engines.

Through our monthly reports, our clients can estimate the overall SEO result. We evaluate the performance of the website of our clients through various metrics and analyze keywords ranking and traffic reports. Our monthly reports are transparent, and it provides a clear picture of the return on investments by calculating conversions. We are utilizing various tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for getting the most favorable results.

Technology Expertise

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Java
  • Serverless
  • DevOps

Software Development Approach That Will Help You Grow

Our result-oriented development approach and quality assurance help you meet your customers’ needs with digitally-enhanced and scalable software solutions.



  • Brainstrorm your Idea
  • Feasibility Study
  • BRD Creation
  • SRS Documentation
  • Technology Stack
  • Project Planning


  • Wireframe
  • UI / UX Consulting
  • Product Design
  • Web & App Design
  • Logo Design
  • HTML Prototype


  • Defined Coding Standards
  • POC Development
  • Agile Development
  • CI/CD & TDD
  • DevOps & Cloud
  • 3rd Party Integration
QA & Support

QA & Support

  • Define Test Strategy
  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • 24X7 SLA Support

Benefits of our quality-oriented SEO Services

Most of the clients are aware of the fact that SEO can make or break their business if it is not used properly. In fact, all our clients depend on our SEO services to get the maximum benefits.

Because of our team effort, we are able to deliver quality-oriented results with lots of benefits. Here are some of the benefits that we are able to deliver our clients with our SEO services.

  • More opportunities to do business

Our well-planned and organic efforts will help our client’s website to rank well and establish a dominating authority over his competitors. Apart from that, the website of our client also gets increased visibility which clearly means that potential buyer will get converted into a customer for sure.

Our experts at PrismXp focus on implementing proper modified strategy that will help us in finding and getting customers who want to deal with our client directly based on the website. With the successful implementation of our SEO services, all our esteemed clients can get ahead of the curve and prosper on better growth, trustworthiness and higher ROI.

  • Quality-oriented conversions for boosting ROI

By implementing our SEO strategy suitably, we are able to attract clients and customers for the business of our client. All such clients and customers are known as leads and leads are crucial for every business. Hence, it’s quite necessary for our client’s business to get or generate high ticket leads for growing and thriving online.

That is the reason why all our search engine practices simplify the process of generating high-quality leads for your business. With the help of PrismXp’s SEO services, we guarantee the recurrence of quality-oriented business leads to recover and enhance profitability. We focus on getting high-quality leads rapidly for your company by working on organic channels, referral channels and social media.

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