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PrismXp is a award-winning digital marketing services provider in Bhubaneswar, India. We distribute impressive and winning results for our clients around the globe. Our state-of-the-art knowledge in our digital services helps us to deliver a high-class renovation ratio through our winning plans and strategies. In the competitive market of the world today, we can focus on giving all the required trade solutions that are appropriate, precious, and can bring an excellent customer service experience. We give custom-made digital marketing services & solutions and deliver an outstanding human-centric understanding, for all types of industries and beyond.

What do we do at PrismXp?

At PrismXp, we merge business domain knowledge along with all its best practices & technical expertise that delivers quality-oriented services that attach value to your business. With our top digital marketing services, we help our clients in developing an online marketing strategy that attracts more capable visitors to our site and converts those visitors into solid leads and sales.


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Our Digital Marketing Services

With the help of our digital marketing services, we help and transform many upcoming start-ups into successful & profitable ventures.

Please go through the entire digital marketing services list that our company provides to our clients all over the world:-

  • Search Engine Optimization Service

All the clients who are associated with us are ranked for the most suitable keywords for their brand with an incorporated technical SEO, content, and link-building strategy that is provided by our company. The advanced strategy and data-driven solutions of PrismXp help the businesses of all our clients to augment sales, customer acquisitions, and retention rates.

  • Social Media Marketing Service

We use social media platforms and websites to promote the products and services of our clients. We at PrismXp are providing social media marketing services to our clients because it is getting more & more popular for both practitioners and researchers. With the help of our social media marketing service, we help our clients to engage with all the existing customers and also approach prospective customers while allowing our clients to promote their corporate culture, mission, objectives, and tone.

  • Ad words Service (Google/Bing/Yahoo)

Our Ad words are a paid marketing service provided by Google, Bing & Yahoo. We use this platform for our e-commerce clients to advertise their product and services on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search result pages, Gmail, Bing & yahoo mail, YouTube along other websites. As it is a pay-per-click online platform, we use it to help our clients by displaying their ads on all the primary search engine result pages. Hence, based on the keywords that our clients want to target, they pay us a substantial amount of money to get their advertisements ranked at the top of the search results page of all the prominent search engines.

  • Digital Competitive Analysis Service

Every flourishing digital marketing drive of our clients should be data-driven. With an aggressive digital analysis from PrismXp, our clients will examine the market for their respective websites and all the prominent competitors. This provides an understandable path and obviously improves the websites of our clients with the help of SEO and PPC presentation and generates additional leads and sales.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Service

Most of the digital experiences begin with going for a prominent search engine, so if a client’s business wants to generate extra website traffic along with leads and sales. You will also require SEO services too. The SEO services of PrismXp generate higher ranking keywords on search engines like Google resulting in additional capable website traffic, leads, and sales from the web.

  • Local SEO Services

Most of the consumers of our clients search the internet to find the regional services, and 82% of smart phone consumers take the assistance of internet based search engine whenever hunting for a neighboring business. We help our clients to hook up with them with all these regional SEO services. The customers are probing for the business websites of our clients and PrismXp plays a prominent role in making all those prospective customers reach out to businesses of our clients.

  • Google Local Advertising Service

Google local ad services are the most reasonable home services marketing strategy for PrismXp. They are found at the pinnacle of Google on equally mobile search and desktop search local services that connect the business of our clients with competent customers looking for your detailed services right now. PrismXp Ad management team will handle your entire campaign, from profile set of connections and optimization to creating bid strategies and clashing calls on behalf of your company.

  • Pay-per-click(PPC) Advertising Service

Pay-per-click or P.P.C advertising is equally a temporary and long-standing digital marketing strategy to place your company at the top of your results from search engine. You don’t have to wait for your rankings to grow and besides that, you are also going to get immediate visibility and leads. Our PrismXp’s analysts have met all the rigorous qualifications and experience of managing your campaigns. All our clients have a PPC backed team for optimizing Google and Microsoft campaigns and lowering the cost-per-lead from PPC, and rising ROI from their digital advertising campaigns.

  • Display Advertising Services

Displayed marketing is a form of PPC marketing campaign that targets all the gullible consumers based on the demographics of your current customers. We at PrismXp make engaging ads that grow brand awareness and reverberate with all the customers before they want you.

  • Website Design & Development Service

The online website of our clients feeds valid and unique data to Google and other search engines, making it the foundation for their online attendance and search visibility. PrismXp's website design services laid a solid foundation to build the campaigns of its clients upon and meeting all Google's principles for page speed and experience, and alter more site visitors into the leads.

Features of Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services are constantly gaining notice and demand due to the impact they can generate on the businesses of our clients.

Digital marketing can be explained honestly as a advertising and marketing tool or approach that is conducted via any social media podium. humans have altered over the years. Our life-style has completely advanced during the last few a long time.further, the immediately and formal method of buying has additionally altered too. Now, any capitalist ought to attain his/her customers on time to make profit.

  • Flexibility of our techniques

There are enough methods that PrismXp uses to behavior its virtual marketing like electronic mail based totally advertising, posts on social media, content advertising, banner ads, and many others. subsequently, the duty is to pick out a suitable medium and undertake right methods to install advertising and marketing activities. We at Prism XP, utilize all of the possible mediums to get growth of the visibility and brand cognizance of our customers. Our digital advertising group analyzes all those mediums via which our clients can get better responses and together figure out the kind of campaign that may be powerful for promoting the groups of our clients.

  • Affordability

The digital marketing strategies are reasonable as compared to different strategies of marketing. The prices for our services might differ depending on the technique that we are going to implement for our clients.

  • Growth & Expansion

A majority of people spend much amount of time and money on on-line shopping. while purchasing even from some distance-flung regions is made easy and simple in a few clicks or simply through tapping the touch display of your phone and those will select on-line buying. You can promote your services and products through the ruthless killer paid campaigns. It will help you to drive greater internet site visitors to websites speedy in brief time & less attempt.

  • Interaction-based digital marketing

It opens a platform with a view to directly interact together with your customers. You can receive evaluations, feedback, and remarks from the client and respond to them to gain the belief of your customers. this will also lead them to feel respected and inspire them to engage in greater business deals along with your customers frequently or on future dates. Your transparency can attract greater customers and also allow you to fix problems faced by way of customers hastily.

  • Authority

All of us would go for recommendation from a person who we believe and feel are able to giving the right advice Likewise, if you can go away the impact that you could be honest to your respective fields, customers will come lower back to you for collecting data, and ultimately, they'll emerge as buying your merchandise/services. Giving precious tips/remarks on problems or controversies related to your product/enterprise sector can confirm you as an industry professional and instill consider in you.

Technology Expertise

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Java
  • Serverless
  • DevOps

Digital Marketing Approach That Will Help You Grow

Our result-oriented digital advertising approach and quality assurance help you meet your customers’ needs with digitally-enhanced and scalable digital markeing solutions.



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  • About The Product Or Service That You Want To Market
  • About Online Competition


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  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Plan
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  • Display Network
  • Social Media
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Benefits of Digital Marketing Services

The digital marketing services that we provide for our clients have numerous benefits that can help the businesses of our clients to reach new heights.

The benefits of PrismXp’s digital marketing services are enormous and it helps all our clients to grow their businesses rampantly and rapidly. Hence, here are some of the benefits that are being highlighted for you:-

  • Global Outreach

One of the major advantages of our digital advertising is that it helps us in removing all kinds of geographical obstacles, and boundaries. Our clients can open their companies to foreign countries and present their services to clientele living faraway away. We market the products & services of our clients using our digital marketing platform to all their international customers with a click of a button or touch screen and create attentiveness to people living in remote corners of the world, who or else had no chance of learning about the existence of our clients and their companies While we do recognize that a global spectators is a massive number, but that problem can be resolved with the next advantage of digital advertising.

  • Targeting the niche or selected customers

The targeting of niche customers is all about targeting those people or customers who fit the criteria or standards of your business. In the case of PrismXp, we target only those citizens who fit the criteria of our business clients with our digital marketing services. When we promote on digital podiums of social media on behalf of our clients, we sort out out the spectators as per the character traits that match our target viewers and then run ads.

For instance- We sort the site as US or UK and then filter the woman who is in the age faction of 25-40 and moreover filter them as the women who are operational. This is one of the most attractive benefits of digital marketing where detailed and selected targeting can obtain even better and better.

  • Affordable in general

The biggest advantage of digital promotion is its affordability. In the end, all commerce activities simmer down to the capital they want to make. With the widespread reach offered by our digital marketing services, the costs are moderately low and not a burden on them. The ROI on digital advertising attempts is significantly higher than traditional marketing. It also permits small-scale entrepreneurs and their start-ups to make best use of digital advertising without causing very high stress on their finances.

  • Measurable and Track-able Outcomes

The strategy of any company is a misuse of time if they cannot measure their performance. It means making blind efforts is not affordable. Compiling a powerful strategy and executing it is just partially the battle, but tracking the performance and measuring the success or breakdown, and taking remedial steps in time for avoiding damage is the final goal for every small and big business. With podiums like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we at PrismXp track the presentation of the digital advertising campaigns of our clients back-to-back. That’s how we choose what works good for our clients and continue with the strategies that are showing signs of success.

  • Improvement in conversion rates

From what we have seen above, with the assistance of trailing the presentation, we can make a complete assessment of where our highest sales are coming from, and according to that, we target consumers of our clients. Thus, it basically means elevated alteration rates as we spend where we are required the most. Whereas in conventional marketing, it is nearly not possible to find out where the lead got transformed from, and thus you might be spending your moment chasing all the wrong leads. But with our digital marketing services, the problem of conversion can be resolved by aiming the viewers with the most leads converted.

Our Digital Marketing Process

Take a look how our digital marketing process and know how the digital marketing services of PrismXp are working.

  • Personalized Auditing

We cater to lots of clients and their businesses and each one of them is completely different from the other. At, PrismXp, our first step is to scrutinize the industry vertical of our client and understand his business, its exceptional marketing style, and necessities, and study their aggressive landscape. Our marketing auditors at PrismXp execute extensive research such as studying the facts from the client’s site’s analytics, backlinks portfolio examination, keyword research, studying your competitors, and lots more. All this data is then used to expand an outline of the selling campaign of our clients based on their different business models.

  • Reporting & Optimizing

It is quite easy to get bogged down due to heavily complicated reports and that’s the reason why most of the competitors miss the big picture. At PrismXp, we create custom templates to produce easy-to-read reports, offering complete and clear insights into the performance of our clients that will become the heartbeat of aspiring customers, isolating trends and behaviors and also helping our digital marketing team to imagine the most crucial data in the real-time.

  • Modified Planning

Our digital marketing company takes a holistic approach to strategies for the digital marketing campaigns of our clients. We review the current digital strategy, set key performance indicators (KPIs), and create a well-planned marketing framework that optimizes all the digital touch points.

  • PPC Advertising Process

Pay-per-click marketing can help generate the brand recognition of our clients, drive significant traffic to their respective websites, and increase revenue for their businesses. Our PPC marketing team at PrismXp makes data-driven decisions, constantly optimizes the online campaigns of our clients, and looks at the entire guide to turn normal visits into outright sales.

  • Video Creation & Marketing

Visual or audio-visual marketing has the power to engage and hold the attention of the customers like no other type of content. At PrismXp, we offer video marketing services by creating convincing videos with the potential to go viral instantly. It helps a lot in expanding the customer base and building the brand reputation of our clients. Our lucrative video production capabilities help our clients in making some awesome videos and still stay on budget.

Digital Marketing Solutions of PrismXp

We leverage the power of data for accelerating marketing activities, improving efficiency, and increasing ROI with the help of our digital marketing solutions.

  • SEO Consultation

Our digital marketing professionals examine the business website of the clients, provide specialist analysis and offer the client with thorough reports on how to repair issues if they find any.

  • Researching Keywords

Keywords are by far the mainly important elements of our digital marketing campaign. We carry out careful keyword research to make sure that all advertising efforts are extremely targeted to the potential market of the client and select the accurate keywords to make certain that the business of our client gets its merit rankings, visibility and happening online.

  • Analyzing all the current rankings

We monitor the current rankings of our client’s website in all the main search engines. We make a catalog of keywords that customers most normally use to ‘find’ the online business of our client. All these keywords are used as the foundation for our online campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

We invite all the business clients who have queries regarding our digital marketing services can ask us a question here. We are willing to hear and answer them all.

Search Engine Optimization is simply known as SEO. It is an act of enhancing the web-content and web pages to grade higher on search engine results pages. Search engines have designs that decide which web pages seize the most important results, and all such pages are ranked maximum among the search results.

Yes! Word of mouth can be huge, but most of the consumers today find and study about companies online before buying anything or getting involved in their business. An online attendance gives the company of our client credibility and helps a lot in boosting his brand awareness. In addition to that, online web pages are an opportunity for implementing countless marketing strategies, such as e-trade, online client service, and customer engagement.

The use of online platforms of social media permits consumers to attach and connect with each other through joint content. These websites were at first developed for social networking purposes but eventually, social media has become a popular promotional tool. Most of the businesses and marketing agencies in the world today use social media to display their products and services, attach with current and potential customers, and increase the awareness of their products to lots of people in a short period.

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Optimize and automate business processes, increase your customer base, and maximize RoI by hiring dedicated software developers from PrismXp Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for cost-effective custom software development.